A store opening campaign. The creative direction was warm, friendly and inviting. 

A Store Associate Guide cover page. The guide was created each quarter and used as a selling tool for store associates. Using information supplied by the merchants and vendors, as well as information I researched on my own, I partnered with an art director to create this piece to provide more in-depth product information, unique product facts and interesting product news to the selling teams. This one was especially praised for its clarity and usefulness by retail operations teams as well as the company's CEO.

 Eddie Bauer's CEOs trusted me to write their communication. Usually it was to employees. In this case, the project was a store closing piece sent to customers. A tricky message to convey. Direction was warm and sincere, but not overly apologetic. 

Eddie Bauer's loyalty program rewards customers for purchases. The last reward certificate mailing saw its best results ever.
‚ÄčOver 37% of customers redeemed their certificates -- and inevitably shopped again and spent even more.

The annual holiday Labrador was always named after an actual pet of Eddie's. It was my job to search his handwritten memoirs to find a true story and put an interesting spin on it. I couldn't have made this one up. 

Eddie called Bingo "the second greatest dog" he'd ever known. As Eddie told it, Bingo was a mutt who belonged to a genuine outlaw. The bandit and his canine companion stayed on the wrong side of the law for years. When the fugitive was finally captured, Bingo escaped into the wild where he was found by a friend of Eddie's. Sharing a mutual love of the outdoors, Bingo and Eddie became fast friends. For years, Bingo never left his side -- a loyal and constant companion to the end.

For generations, Eddie Bauer has been the authority on giving and receiving truly special gifts. Of course, 2007 is no different. This year you'll find the latest gadgets to give confidence, well-being and peace-of-mind. Cozy down coats for comfort, style and joy. And an array of affordable stocking stuffers to add a little something extra. Our customers know we're here to help them make the perfect selections for everyone on their list. Because when they choose Eddie Bauer, they're choosing to experience, share and revel in the very best of the season.

Eddie Bauer

Outdoor Outfitter