There's no one exactly like you.
​Just like your fingerprint, your size is uniquely yours. Whats why a shirt that fits a thousand different men won't necessarily fit you. So we offer our own dress shirt in more than 60 sizes. Because you're an individual. And we think it's time you were treated like one. 

What makes you smile?
Someone completely updating your wardrobe with the latest fashions? Tailoring your suit to perfection Doing your shopping while you enjoy lunch? We make an effort to make your life easier every day at Nordstrom. The smile just comes naturally.

When the original building closed its doors for the last time, it was Mr. Stine who turned the key. This Friday, the doors will open again. And guess who will be here to welcome you with a familiar smile?

Susan knows a thing or two about fashion. And Jan is living proof. For over a decade, Susan has been creating spectacular wardrobes for people just like Jan. For Susan, making people’s lives easier and helping them look good isn’t just her job, it’s her passion.

Downtown Nordstrom began right here in Seattle nearly 100 years ago. “Our Northwest customers played a big part in making us who we are today,” Jeff says. “And they deserve the best.” According to him, the new store has a lot more to offer and makes for a friendlier, more comfortable shopping experience. Which is why he expects his customers will feel right at home. 

When Nordstrom built its new flagship store in downtown Seattle in 1998, all the town was abuzz. I was proud and honored to be selected to write the six 8-page newspaper sections announcing the opening. The campaign featured real people and local celebrities wearing Nordstrom fashions. This first section featured actual customers and employees.

You’re looking at the six best detectives in all of Seattle. In June, they participated in our treasure hunt and successfully located the keys to our new store. Their grand prize?
​To kick off our opening ceremonies by unlocking the doors and being the first ones to enter the store.

Jeff and Diane have been busy creating a new dining experience. Diane's excited about the Cafe's new European bistro style, grilled vegetables and individual specialty pizzas. Jeff's proud of The Grill's fresh seafood and ever-changing menu. And one thing is certain. Their love of food is matched only by their enthusiasm in serving it to you.

In 1996 I won two silver Retail Ad Council Awards for a campaign I created called "California State of Mind." The client (our California region) had requested a campaign that highlighted California's most appealing qualities. Here are a few examples from that campaign.