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About Me

I'm a self-proclaimed word nerd -- and have been since the age of 4 when I begged my dad to teach me to read. Once I started reading and writing, it became my main obsession. 

My education and early career focused on broadcast journalism with the hope of writing for the news. I somehow made my way into print advertising, and later, as the information highway grew, writing for eCommerce.

As a team member, I can be counted on to be engaged, dedicated, and occasionally to provide some comic relief. I'm also a self-starter who is fast, efficient, a big picture person, and a stickler for typos. I'll find your inconsistencies and redundancies, edit for best practices, clarity, and readability. 

I'm a vegetarian, 15-year breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Pink Daisy Project, a grass-roots non-profit that's been providing care and comfort to young moms with breast cancer since 2008. In 2011 I was recognized as a CNN Hero. Not bad considering I had no experience in the nonprofit arena. It just goes to show I can go after what I want and succeed.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where I still live with a teenager, (a son in the Army) two cats, and two dogs.

I love animals (obviously), coffee (the darker, the better), travel (planning to do more of it), DIY home projects (ask me about my upcycled bar cart), helping others in any capacity, and my kids (although these days, I need them more than they need me).

My latest projects
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