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eCommerce & Me

Not to give away my age, but I didn't learn about the digital world until well after my second or third job. Regardless, I took it. With my knack for writing casual banter, and my love to keep my phrasing short, tight, and to the point, my style was the perfect partner for writing eCommerce. 


I managed a small team of writers for both and For the bulk of the time, we were without 
a creative director. So the design team manager and I took it upon ourselves to keep the site running (from a creative standpoint) and kept the teams engaged while going through major changes.

WIth "department store" quality, sold high-end cosmetics and became fully entrenched in the beauty industry, believing it was perfect reasonable to pay $45 for a lipstick. 

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Paula's Choice

I worked for the international skincare brand for six months and learned about the science of skincare and how the brand and the ingredients it uses are solution-focused. I'm still loyal to the brand years later.

I only took the job as a challenge to see if I could do it. Not really. I was looking forward to learning about a topic I wasn't familiar with (but didn't hate). Although the role mostly about blog writing, there was an eCommerce component as well. Both roles required me to jump into a subject I was neither knowledgeable in, or interested in learning about. I wouldn't call myself a tire expert today, but I do know a lot more about the subject than I expected to know in my lifetime.

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